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What role does coaching play in contact centre training? image

The contact centre industry is rapidly changing with the introduction of artificial intelligence and chat bots. It’s requiring that agents become more skilled and more knowledgeable as their role shifts to handle more complex queries. Is training enough to get these skills ingrained in employee behavior, or does it require ongoing coaching support from both management and peers? Formal training vs coaching Formal training is valuable in introducing new information, skills or technology as it can be presented in a concise way. However, most people learn gradually though experience and this means that a once off training session isn’t enough, especially when it comes to topics such as soft skills. These are best learnt through repetition and practical application. Soft ...

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Is job security a thing of the past? image

Since the 2008 recession there is a new trend of business efficiency emerging. Companies no longer want to carry the weight of employees that are not consistently contributing to revenue. Rather they are preferring to hire on an ad hoc basis and only pay for the skills and expertise when they need it. It makes sense for companies wanting to improve their bottom line, if they can find the talent when they need it. But where does this leave the average employee who wants job security? The cost of flexibility There are some people who thrive in the contracting environment preferring to freelance and enjoying the freedom and flexibility that it offers. There is also the attraction of the possibility ...

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Robots are working and its driving business success image

Artificial Intelligence and robot automation have been two of the most talked about topics in recent months and several large corporations have started to adopt and implement the technology. The question is: has the investment been worth it and what does the future look like for business and robots? A recent report by the Everest Group titled: Robotic Process Automation (RPA):Technology Vendor State of the Market, claims that the market is exploding and the growth trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future. The UK is the second largest adopter worldwide, greater than both Continental Europe and Asia Pacific. However, North America is by far the leader accounting for at least 50% of RPA technology implementations. The maturity of ...

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5 ways to be a customer superhero image

When customers contact your organization they are looking for one thing: a superhero to solve their problems. It doesn’t really matter how the problem came about as much as finding that magical solution that doesn’t involve a lot of effort or stress on their part. Yes it may seem overly simplified and idealistic, but at the heart of it, no matter how small or complex the issue is, to win customers over you need to be able to provide that superhero style of service. No quibble or looking for accolades in the process, rather simply getting the job done. Are you up for the task? A bad customer experience is never good But it doesn’t have to stay that way. ...

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Have you got what it takes to work in customer service? image

Contact centre jobs are not suited to just anyone. It requires highly skilled and competent people who can work under pressure and use their initiative. Having said this the contact centre environment can be hugely rewarding, teaching you skills that can be applied in almost any business environment. While many skills can be learnt, there are certain attributes that top contact centre agents instinctively have. Have you got what it takes to work in contact centre customer service? 7 Essential Instincts You Need… Good Listener – People who are natural listeners do well in the contact centre industry. They have a great instinct for discerning what the customer needs or what they really want. Actively listening is a skill that ...

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What agents should and shouldn’t say image

  To quote Forest Gump with a little editorial license: “Life (in a contact centre) is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” There is no way of knowing what mood the next caller on the line will be and what type of query they may have, and in part this is what makes working in a contact centre both interesting and challenging. Agents need to have the knowledge and skills to adapt the conversation with each customer query and this is where soft skills are highly valuable.  Knowing what to say, and how to say it, or even what not to say is key in creating a positive customer experience for the caller. ...

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