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Back to basics – What customers really want from call centres image

At the moment there is lots of discussion about AI and we have more technology and tools than ever before to measure customer service. But still, on average, most contact centres still seem to fall consistently short of customer expectations.  Is it time to get back to basics and understand what customers really want when they call into a contact centre? Here are five things that explain why customers get frustrated: Listen to me Customers want to be heard, respected and valued and one of the easiest ways to do this is to call them by name. Then they are no longer just another number in a queue but an individual customer that is made to feel important. Statistics show ...

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How contact centre technology is driving customer satisfaction… image

According to a recent report by PWC[i], technology and innovation are rapidly changing the face of customer service, making it a major contributing factor to profitability and market share. However, technology is only one part of the puzzle. Unless companies can get customers to engage with their apps and other technology offerings there will be little impact on the bottom line. For example: A business may have developed a customer service app, but without a user friendly interface with accurate information and integration, and customers engaged and using the app, the effort will be wasted. Is there a way that businesses can grow their customer engagement using the available technology? The PWC report highlights several factors that are driving change ...

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Classic Customer Service Mistakes in the Contact Centre image

Classic customer service mistakes in the contact centre include arguing with the customer and wasting time. Sometimes we fail to see beyond the current transaction and don’t take into account the bigger picture, such as the value of the customer, the history of their loyalty and the future value of the relationship. Advisers are often following process, some of which is correct but sometimes they interpret it incorrectly, too rigidly or with fear. For example, I called my home insurance company after my young son did some accidental damage (with a biro) on our leather sofa. From the outset I felt that there was no empathy, a simple ‘Sorry to hear that’ would have gone a long way. Instead I ...

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The Real Benefits of Agent Engagement image

There is one aspect that really stands out with a successful contact centre and that is their ability to retain great people. Are these positive people that simply thrive in the contact centre environment or does the company itself have a lot of influence on keeping them there? Perhaps it’s a bit of both, but for those contact centres that think that high attrition rates are the acceptable norm in the industry, it turns out there is a lot to learn from the companies getting it right. There’s a saying: “Look after your people and they will look after your customers.” Simply put, investing in agent engagement and getting it right can have a direct impact on your business bottom ...

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So you’re ready to launch Live Chat? image

Chat is the fastest growing channel in contact centres right now. It’s instant, easy and text based. However the technology is only part of the story. Testing and recruiting Advisors on spelling and grammar is only scratching the surface. Here are some other considerations: What are the projected contact types/volumes e.g. most common contact types. Thinking about how to reduce and deflect them with self service will help your chat channel not to get swamped. What is the goal of chat? Resolution, service/support or sales? Or all of the above? Do your Advisors see that goal the same as you? What is the vision for the customer types who will use chat? Are your Advisors clear on Brand voice and ...

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Emoji’s in Customer Service – Cheeky or Charming? image

There was a time when smiley faces were viewed as childish and unprofessional in business communications, but things are changing. A recent study at Penn University showed that use of emoji’s increased customer satisfaction by 78% compared to plain text. 🙂 Emoji’s are winning customers over more than words and wise customer service agents are incorporating them into communications. Does that mean you use a smiley face at the end of every sentence or with every customer?  Well no, because using emoji’s is not about being cute, it’s about connecting on a more human level. Empathy and emoji’s More than anything else customers want to be understood. If they are tired or frustrated, they don’t want sympathy, they want someone ...

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