Our history

Real Results Training was established in Manchester in 2003 by Carolyn Blunt, who is still heavily involved in every aspect of the company.

Although the company itself has grown and changed, her initial idea still remains exactly the same: to look at every company individually, and provide a genuinely relevant and effective training solution for each one.

The idea behind this was that training which delivers long lasting, effective results.

After early successes, it didn’t take long for word of mouth recommendations to lead to more work and Carolyn started to build the team up, carefully selecting experts who fitted the overall vision.

A review of Real Results’ portfolio of previous work reveals a lot of experience in particular areas:

•    Contact centre training
•    Customer service
•    Communication skills and leadership

But looking at the company’s current work and the capabilities in the team, you’ll see experience and skills across a much broader remit, covering virtually all major sectors of industry.

How we make a difference

Our name isn’t a happy accident – it’s a direct reflection of what we offer.

We’re in the business of results. Training is only as good as the positive change it delivers in a business, not just when people get back to work feeling enthusiastic, but months and years later.

We have a regular checkup points as we go through each training programme.  These include

•    Practicing new skills you’ve learned as we go along
•    Action plans which help you translate that to the workplace

Giving your team more skills to make them better at their job is obviously at the heart of your training.  But it’s also a question of how it makes people feel.  Our facilitators energise and inspire, they create a real desire in people to go back to base full of determination to do well and with renewed passion for their jobs.

About our trainers

See results quickly.  See real change in people.

Training is a people business.  A trainer has to be an inspiring presence, someone who knows how to connect with his or her clients to be truly effective. That’s only half the story here at Real Results – we demand much more from our team.  Our trainers are CIPD or equivalent qualified, and they all have at least 5 years business experience in their subject and 3 years training experience.

The result of that is what we believe to be the perfect blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and experience.  Our trainers will not just get your team thoroughly motivated, they’ll do it efficiently.  Later when you look back at the experience, you’ll see how much our people have changed for the better, and you’ll see real positive impact on the business.

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