Call Coaching Skills

At some point in our lives all of us have benefited from a good coach.  It may have been the person we learned our job from, a longer-term supportive relationship or just a few passing words of encouragement at exactly the right moment.

In this course we examine the qualities of a good coach and analyse why the role of a coach is so important.   Participants will learn how to make objective assessments of performance and how to give feedback that is constructive.   With clear directions and the opportunity to practice, delegates will leave feeling confident in their own ability to coach and inspire others. You will be required to complete a minimum of 4 coaching sessions before we reconvene for a third day of training in approximately 5 weeks. You will be required to keep a ‘learning log’ of your coaching experiences and in particular notes about what has gone well, the results you have found and any challenges you have faced.

After 5 weeks we will reconvene to explore the coaching experiences you have completed since the course. We will work through any challenges together and complete a ‘sign-off’ coaching exercise.

Dependent upon group size and if applicable to your organisation we will also practice evaluating and scoring calls to ensure that quality monitoring and coaching is done consistently and objectively across your contact centre. If you do not have Quality Monitoring processes in place yet then these can be established beforehand –see our course on Quality Monitoring or contact us to request a bespoke consultancy day.

Cost Effective

This workshop will support your people to increase sales or serve customers more efficiently. We are always keen to discuss metrics with you to demonstrate and guarantee maximum return on your investment from working with us.

The Course

This course is perfect for leader and managers with coaching responsibilities and/or those identified as future coaches or managers.


This is an interactive session so come prepared to discuss and practice your skills in a safe, friendly and fun environment. It’s the best way to learn and the day will fly by!


The course lasts 3 days, 2 days of initial training and a third day as follow-up.


Each day runs from 9.30-4.30


Venue of your choice

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