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An effective, modern quality framework can help to create lasting change in your call centre performance. A functional and useful tool that when coupled with effective training and coaching will ensure all agents are clear and consistently knowledgeable and positive in their approach to customers.  Many contact centres realise this; but few can spare the time away from their day to day duties to build and embed a new quality framework and even fewer have enough knowledge of the latest thinking and best practice to get it absolutely right first time.

The success and stickability of the project is due to several factors, including:

  • On and off-site ‘immersion’ analysis to identify the gaps and develop a new cutting edge ‘catchy’ Quality Framework.
  • Kicking off the project with the Management team who needed to collaborate, champion and lead the new approach.
  • Creative training design that involved the delegates in the learning and built their skills.
  • Pre-event branding and communication that built excitement and made the project theme visual.
  • Handover to the internal L&D team, who will continue to train new starters and support coaching.

Why Ember Real Results

In depth Contact Centre knowledge and experience with large global corporate companies makes Ember Real Results an easy choice for anyone interested in improving the performance and customer experience delivered through their contact centre.


“We are totally committed to continuously improving the quality of service offering to our Customers. The positive feedback and initial results demonstrates why we are working in partnership with Ember Real Results. Their values, quality and delivery completely support the aims of our Business Strategy and it is leading to a step change in performance.”

Nick Cleary, Customer & Digital Director

“The new Call Quality Framework, coupled with innovative facilitated learning is a game changer. It enables our Advisors to have absolute clarity on expected standards and provides a platform for balanced feedback across all KPI when performing audits.”

Sharon Burrows, Call Quality Manager

“Ember Real Results has the leading edge industry knowledge, a passion for service, and a track record for delivering clear return on investment.”

Sven Hill, Head of Planning & Insight

Other Testimonials

“I’ve worked here 8 years, thought I knew all about Customer Service and I’m learning loads on this course”

“Progress has been seen immediately. AHT has improved by over 20 seconds and I’m confident that we will see Compliance, Sales Conversion and Advisor NPS follow suit. Feedback is really positive from all those that have attended The Cube.”

“Day 1 was so amazing, I was so excited to see what Day 2 would bring and it was even better than I could have imagined!”

“This was a real eye-opener with things I did not know before.”

“It was fun, structured and interesting. I will recommend this course”

“I thought I knew how to coach but this showed me lots of new and important points”

“Lots of practical tips that Advisors will be able to use in their calls! Thank you!”

“Every time I follow-up with an Advisor that has had this training they are so positive and enthused by it!”

Our Story

Ember Real Results conducted on-site analysis at the Autoglass HQ in Bedford, UK. From call listening, focus groups with all levels of staff and an analysis of systems and process, several areas of opportunity were identified. Firstly there was an opportunity to increase sales conversion. Some front line advisors were more confident at closing sales than others. Secondly there was an opportunity to personalise the customer experience and connect with the ‘distress purchase’ of glass repair or replacement. Thirdly there was evidence of efficiency savings that could be made within the call handling time, which would simplify the customer experience without any loss of rapport or missed sales. Through the course of the research and testing phase it became clear that making these efficiency tweaks to the call flow would also assist in the reduction of repeat calls. Finally above all else it was also important to ensure all advisors were clear and consistent in their approach to remaining compliant.

Quality Framework

In order to create the lasting performance change needed, it was important that the Quality Framework would embed any training interventions and changes to call flow. After analysing the existing tool, it became clear it was being used as a ‘tick box’ approach and a more holistic approach was needed to encourage a coaching conversation between managers and their team members. Ember Real Results proposed the concept of ‘The Cube’ as the new framework. It referenced 6 important elements: Compliance, Conversion, Customer, Control, Advisor, Manager. The new Quality Framework is categorised into ‘red’, ‘green’ and ‘gold’ levels to provide guidance to Advisors on the quality of their contacts. The supporting documentation provides full explanations of what to do to get to the top level in each element of ‘The Cube’.

Team Manager Coaching

The first stage of the training project was at manager level. All Team Managers attended a 3 day programme to understand how to use the new Quality Framework and how to coach Advisors to Gold performance levels in Conversion, Customer and Control. Once all Managers were trained and clear it was time to roll out to Advisors themselves.

The Ember Real Results team worked with the client to build the new Quality Framework and accompanying detailed resource guide for Advisors. Carolyn Blunt led the research and design phases before rolling out workshop delivery with three of her team. Finally Ember Real Results handed the project across to the internal Learning & Development team via a Train the Trainer to ensure client self-sufficiency.

Learning Events

The Advisor sessions were designed as a two day workshop to create the skills and learning needed to perform at Gold level. Delegates learned about changes to the call flow to improve customer experience and efficiency. They learned new techniques to assist confidence in sales conversion. The Advisors took part in blindfold target practice, plate spinning, treasure hunts and ‘Cube’ games (modelled on the television program) and linked to the key learning points for success. The training assisted Advisors from both Voice and Web Chat teams and will form part of the development journey for all future new starters.

Our solution

After an initial assessment stage, Ember Real Results determined that there was scope to:

  • Increase Sales Conversions by increasing agents confidence in closing sales,
  • Enable Efficiency Savings in the Average Handling Time,
  • Reduce costs by reducing repeat calls
  • Provide a better customer experience through personalisation.

Ember Real Results provided Autoglass with a bespoke quality framework, an interactive, themed training programme and a programme of team manager coaching which combined to provide the real result for this happy customer.

About Ember Real Results

At Ember Real Results we are in the business of delivering lasting performance improvement through bespoke training and coaching. We design and deliver creative, award-winning solutions that generate measurable improvements. As part of the Ember Group we are immersed in contact centre expertise, and help our clients acquire the skills they need to grow – from agent performance to leadership and management solutions. We have over a decade of experience and ideas for you to tap into that guarantee Ember Real Results with your investment.