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The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of setting up a digital learning programme image

Digital learning platforms have many benefits to offer businesses, but most attractive are probably the ones on improved return on investment, both in terms of actual money spent and improved learning retention. However, it’s not as simple as finding a digital learning system and automatically seeing good results. Success requires careful planning, implementation and follow-ups. So to get you on the right track, here’s a list of five do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when implementing a digital learning platform for your business: DON’Ts 1 – DON’T be blinded by technology It’s easy to get drawn into all the features of a system, but you need to focus on what is fit for your purpose. Whether you’re building it ...

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How to get the most from your training budget image

With the new financial year coming up, many organisations look to how well they utilised their budgets in the last fiscal year and if there’s a way to improve that in the future.  How do some organisations seem to get so much more from their L&D budget? What are blue-chip companies doing differently to keep employees engaged? And how can your organisation access funding for training and ensure that your allocated budget for the coming year gives you the best return? How and where is training funding available While the majority of L&D spend is from organisational budgets, there are a number of government training schemes that offer funding. One in particular is the Apprenticeship Levy. While it does require ...

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An honest mistake – what’s the right thing to do when the customer’s wrong? image

Does the mantra – ‘The customer’s always right’ – hold true in every situation? What about when the customer is wrong and the company is quite within their rights to deny the customer request? Should the company still hear the customer out and give them the benefit of the doubt? Maybe there are extenuating circumstances. Maybe there’s an opportunity to show empathy. And just maybe it’s an opportunity to do what’s right for the customer believing that even though it’s outside the ‘terms and conditions,’ in the bigger picture it’ll be good for business. Certainly, there will always be some customers who seek to take advantage, working the system for their own benefit. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is ...

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Why Social Customer Service requires special skills image

Social media has, for many customers, become their contact channel of choice, not only because it’s convenient, but also because it gets attention and it gets a reaction. Customers know that when they complain on social media, the chances of their problem being solved increases. This is because social media customer service operates in the public domain and everyone is watching. Companies not only have to react swiftly to retain a good public image, they also have to be careful how they respond. However, there are two mistakes companies commonly make when starting to use social media as a customer service channel. A – They think that if agents use Facebook and Twitter for their personal use, they’ll automatically know ...

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On your feet – How to deliver more memorable and effective training! image

For most people the typical internal reaction when told they have to attend a training programme is to sigh. Don’t take it personally, without knowing you or what you’re about, most employees will look forward to a training session about as much as a visit to the dentist. It’s not necessarily that they aren’t interested in learning or that they think the person presenting lacks credibility. It’s just that the vast majority of training are overloaded with dull information and some trainers get so caught up in what they’re saying that they forget about engaging their delegates. Unfortunately with this type of ‘chalk and talk’ training, the minute participants exit the room, just about all they sat through exits the ...

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How can an LMS boost business? image

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a fast growing trend in business, though the technology isn’t new, having been around for more than 30 years. What is changing is the widespread adoption of e-Learning platforms in individual businesses. Currently, the industry is estimated to have a value exceeding $15,7 Billion with more than half of systems deployed being hosted in the cloud. The remaining 45% of LMSs are hosted on-site. But the critical questions are: What is the value of a LMS to business? Does it improve productivity and retention? And does it make a real impact on the business bottom line?  Let’s consider some of the business benefits: Low Cost – Compared to ongoing classroom type training, LMS are relatively ...

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