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360° feedback was first used by the military in World War II. By the 1950’s it was being used in organisations and by the 1990’s it was a widely accepted tool for Human Resource Management and Development.   Today it is believed that in excess of 90% of large organisations use the tool. It is used as a tool to inform training plans and individual personal development and self-awareness.

The journey of heightened self-awareness, looking inside oneself, is perhaps one of the most difficult journeys anyone can make. It is often easier to critique others than to hear critique on oneself; yet this is so valuable for any leader. It defines who we are to others, rather than who we think we are. Perceptions are reality, and 360° reveals the true perceptions that others have of us –which they may not otherwise find the time or courage to share.   The opinions are to be respected; they show us our strengths, our blind side and our opportunities.   The feedback is a gift from others and being open to the feedback is a gift we can give ourselves. Perhaps the toughest part of the journey is being willing to begin it at all, but when you have the final report and coaching plan you will have greater insights into yourself and be closer to ‘authentic leadership’ than ever before.

How It Works

Real Results Training co-ordinate the 360° feedback off-site so it is entirely separate to your organisation. As an external provider of this tool you can be assured of the impartiality and confidentiality of the process. We use an online survey tool that is unique to you and is password protected, so only those people that you invite can log in to submit feedback.

We will agree the timeline for the project as your evaluators need time to complete the questionnaire and we need time to collate the data and produce a report for you. Your online survey will close when the closing date has been reached.

You will then also need to meet with an expert coach to analyse your personal 360° feedback report. This usually lasts 1.5 hours and the insights and thought-provoking questions from your coach will help you to plan the next steps in your personal development journey.

The Result

Behavioural change is the desired outcome of any 360° process, whether done as part of a longer term development programme or as a one-off exercise. We can all improve on something and we need to stay motivated to keep doing what we are good at, especially in changing, challenging times. Your coach will steer you to resources such as books, websites, articles and training modules (where applicable). It may also be useful to consider whether you can have access (new or increased) to a coach or mentor to support you in your on-going personal development journey. As well as discussing this with your coach you are free to discuss any aspect of the report and your personal development plan with whomever you choose, either inside or outside of your organisation. It is your report for you to use to full effect. We hope you will.

Find Out More

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