Contact Centre Leadership Essentials

In every call centre there are different people with different personalities and a whole host of different levels of knowledge skills and experiences.   The first thing that I ask team leaders to show me on a consultation is their team skills matrix.  I want to know (and I want to know they know) who is each individual in your team? What is their competence across different skill sets and knowledge areas.  And I also want to know what their commitment to the job is like.  How is their attitude, their time keeping, their approach to the work?  I need to help team managers understand how this might fluctuate depending on things that might happen outside of work, but once the person has been in the job for the first 6-12 months then their ‘best behaviour’ time has worn off and what you are seeing is what you’re getting in terms of commitment a lot of the time.  But here is the thing: Team leaders commonly leave the commitment as the individuals’ responsibility and often miss golden opportunities to coach and support the person through difficult times and to even higher performance.  No-one is a robot. This course will support you to get the best from every single person in your team and even turn around that sinking feeling you get when a certain individual approaches your desk…

Cost Effective

We are always keen to discuss metrics with you to demonstrate and guarantee maximum return on your investment from working with us.

The Course

This is a 2 day programme designed to suit both new and existing team leaders/managers working in contact centre environments. There may or may not be another layer of coaching/floor walking support between the front line and this target audience.  It can also be a real boost for aspiring team leaders. The course examines both self awareness and personal productivity as well as essential leadership and coaching behaviours, specifically suited to the unique contact centre environment.


This is an interactive session so come prepared to discuss and practice your skills in a safe, friendly and fun environment. It’s the best way to learn and the day will fly by!


The course lasts 2 days


Each day runs from 9.30-4.30


Venue of your choice

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