360 Feedback is an enlightening (if a little scary!) We ask a good selection of your colleague from all levels what they think about your performance and approach and compile the responses into a report.

Our coach then meets with your privately to go through the report. This usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours and can be a one-off discussion or part of a series of coaching sessions.

We offer a bespoke 360 Feedback Report service, which means you can use your organisation’s questions (which we can help you to write) or we can provide you with a template of questions.

All the responses are collates securely online and are external to your organisation. No data is shared with HR departments, bosses or colleagues. Although if you choose to share all the fantastic comments you undoubtedly receive then that’s up to you!

We love doing 360 feedback and coaching work. it’s one of the fastest ways to get real performance improvement for individuals. It’s 100% tailored uniquely to you, unlike a training course where a dozen people attend. You can speak and reflect openly with your coach in complete confidence. And we can point you in the direction of just the right resources and next steps afterwards to continue your personal development journey.

30 Bupa Managers completed this process. Of those surveyed, 100% said they had reflected and changed their behaviour as a result of this experience.