Your ability to influence effectively is an everyday skill that you don’t want to be without. It is not about manipulating others, it’s about understanding how other people think and see things. If you can understand what is going on in the mind of another person and understand their pattern of thinking it will enable you to see things from their point of view more effectively. The important rule is to remember that trying to influence, persuade or negotiate in the way that you can be influenced does not guarantee success. You will be using ‘your strategy’ rather than ‘their strategy.’ Flexibility in your communication style is key.

Every day we face the challenge of persuading others to do what we want. Truly seeing things from the other person’s perspective is very useful when understanding which influencing strategy to use. When we are feeling tired and busy, it can be difficult to ‘press pause’ and avoid reacting on autopilot, particularly when others may be covertly attempting to ‘hook’ us. Being aware of your own fatigue and trigger points can give you back your self-control in these situations and maximise your personal effectiveness. Equally you can spot when others might be ‘in the grip’ and help them back to an even keel, and know when (and when not!) to ask for that piece of work or favour.

Finally, we will help you recognise when other people are using these techniques with you! Most of us have an innate desire to please, which can often lead us to say yes to things we would rather say no to. Although a positive ‘can-do’ approach seems to be the best way of getting ahead, saying yes to everything can have a negative impact on work and health.

However, with some simple to apply tips and strategies you’ll soon feel confident to say no, or at the very least get the full benefit of saying ‘yes but..’ In this course you will learn practical solutions that you can apply back at work straightaway, you may find the skills are useful in your personal life as well!

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