Fancy some feedback? The answer from most of us might be ‘no thank you!’ Delivering and receiving feedback can feel uncomfortable and ‘difficult’. However, in order for performance to continuously improve and comfort zones to expand we need to have ‘courageous conversations’. This module will help you to get them just right.

Feedback conversations can feel like an unnatural situation in which you may have to deliver news that the other person doesn’t like or agree with. This can
create tension and conflict, especially if the feedback is not delivered well or if the recipient is not used to this type of conversation or reacts badly. The important thing is not how you feel about feedback conversations. The important thing is that you bite the bullet and have them anyway. And the more you have them the more both you and your team will get used to them. With a few hints and tips the process of feedback will become as easy as riding a bicycle.

Want to know how to park your emotions before entering a courageous conversation?

Do you want be able to prepare your messages so that you come across clear, rational and professional?

Do you need to anticpate how another person may react so that you aren’t caught off guard?

Want to know how to get the attention and commitment of the other person without any loss to the relationship?

In this course you will learn practical solutions that you can apply back at work straightaway so that both you, your organisation and your stakeholders benefit immediately.

I have been promoted from within my organisation and now manage my ex-peers. I find some conversations difficult as a result. This course has really helped me! Thank you.

- University of Central Lancashire

Really refreshing to have a trainer who understands our environment from experience, rather than talking from a book.

- Serco

The Trainer put me at ease straightaway. I highly recommend this course!

- Flowers Direct