The ability to make sound decisions is an essential skill of leadership. However, too often we feel pressuirised to take decisions quickly, often when the information is untested or incomplete. No-one has a crystal ball and there is always an element of unknown in any decision. Given that 1 in 3 marriages ends in divorce lots of smart people are making decisions they later want to change!

As a leader your decisiveness is useful so that your followers have a clear direction and know what to aim for. However, if you are too quick to decide or not open to the ideas and opinions of others, then this can also be an area for development. If you find you have a ‘black and white’ view of the world then it is vital to understand how this can create a blind side to your decsion making.

Equally if you are swayed by individual opinions and find that you change your mind on a case by case this can cause people to lose faith with your leadership.

So what’s the answer?

Using tools, techniques and strategies to process your decisions from different perspectives can be incredibly useful. In this course we’ll show you how. You will learn practical solutions that you can apply back at work straightaway so that both you, your organisation and team benefit immediately.

In today’s digital age we are bombarded by information. New content is posted online every second. Even buying baked beans in the supermarket can become an arduous task, do you want a large can? A small can? A 4 pack? A microwaveable tub? Reduced sugar and salt? Beans with sausages in them? Value beans? Branded beans?

It’s enough to leave us baffled and scratching our heads for 5 minutes in the aisle.

Paralysis by analysis is a result of information overload, and there is always more information to be gathered, more opinions to be sought, more advice to be given. When is enough enough? When will you feel confident to make a sound decision? Or will paralysis by analysis get you?

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