Historically if you said the words ‘call centre’ people would roll their eyes, imagining some negative working environment that made unwanted outbound calls purely to disturb the Great British public when they sat down to their evening meal. Today the reputation of ‘call centres’ are shifting and this is thanks to the realisation that ‘call centres’ are so much more than outbound cold call hubs. Need 999? You are ringing a call centre. Got a problem with a product or service? You can now ask for help via phone, email, live chat or social media in most cases, thus moving the ‘call centre’ to ‘contact centre’. The advancement of technology has seen complicated IVR menu’s with hideous press 8 for this and 9 for that reduced to 3×3 and caller identification means the dreaded ‘Can I take your name please?’ can be replaced with ‘Hello Mrs Smith!’.

In addition, the inclusion of social media to the world of customer service has elevated the importance of front-line staff. The future for contact centres is very bright indeed. However if you are a manager, there are a number of things you don’t want to be without. For example understanding the big wide world of the contact centre industry is important. You need to know where to go for help and support from the community whenever the need may arise. You need to understand the professional bodies, resources and tools available and how to use them to your advantage.

Every contact centre manager needs to understand key metric,s and the impact of measuring and using data in the contact centre is key to creating a driven operation.

However it also about being a leader of people and being a professional role model, especially if you have been promoted from within. This course will show you how.

This session is engaging and interactive. Participants enjoy the hands-on
approach and leave feeling knowledgeable about the industry, technology
and trends, and how to keep up to date with information going forwards.

This course can be added to other modules such as Coaching Skills or
Courageous Conversations to create 2, 3 or 4 days’ programmes that include
people management skills.

This course is also available as an online, on-demand module. Please ask for
more information.