Effective internal facilitation capability is a cost-effective solution for organisations to develop their people. This workshop will support your identified facilitators/ trainers in being able to facilitate sessions to a professional standard.

The intensive 3 or 4 day course will give participants the skills, capabilities and behaviours required to be an excellent facilitator. The programme also contains an opportunity for practical skill development, example scenarios and clear pragmatic do’s and don’ts.

This is an interactive session with encouragement and feedback led by an industry experienced learning professional, come prepared to practice your facilitation skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Facilitation or ‘training’ as it is more commonly knows, can get a bad name if not done correctly. By the time you get to the delivery of training the job is almost done. So much important work is involved in the correct identification of learning needs, the clear formulation and communication of learning outcomes, the design of the activities and materials and the engagement of learners in advance.

Following any learning it is essential that new skills are supported and evaluation completed in order to get a return on any investment.

In this course you will learn practical solutions for all these critical steps so that you can apply excellent facilitation practices back at work straight away!

Extremely happy with the 4 days, each section was explained clearly and we got hands on with the material. I feel much more confident to design and deliver training in the future.

- Fairpoint

Lots of examples and practice that made me feel confident to apply.

- Serco

Exceptional delivery.

- Late Rooms