Letters, email and social media are useful tools to communicate with your customers. However, if done badly they can cause a negative impression of you and your organisation. It is vital to get written communications correct as they are a lasting record, unlike spoken words which disappear into the ether.

With the golden rules of this digital decade shared, you will be confident that you will be consistently producing modern, positive and professional written communications that will never unintentionally offend and are in the right tone for your brand voice and the channel you are using; it should differ between letters and emails and again for chat or social media. The written word will demand slightly different styles each time.

Utilising best practice and the latest thinking from NLP theory, this workshop will allow you to critique your email (or other written) communications and find ways to improve and standardise your work for a powerful and positive impact on clients, customers and colleagues.

The courses I've done with Ember Real Results are the best I've had in my 26 year career.


Exceptional delivery, very clear, just brilliant! I would love the opportunity to attend more workshops like this!

- Late Rooms

We have had great feedback. We will definitely use Ember Real Results again in the future.

- Blackpool Housing