Live chat (or web chat) is one of the fastest growing communication channels and is loved and used by customers on both mobile and desktop interfaces.

Accelerating in value as a tool for both sales support and customer service, it has proven effectiveness for increasing sales, handling queries and signposting to self-help and other channels.

It is a cost-effective solution that meets customers where they are – online. There are a number of strategic decisions and investments to be made if Live Chat is to work successfully.

The knowledge management system that advisers access needs to be fast and well populated. There is nothing worse than a customer knowing more than the adviser. Interaction history and customer profile are useful to the quality of the conversation, and the empowerment of advisers to make decisions as needed and solve customer problems is key.

After the technology is in place, the skills your teams need to be able to use live chat effectively include their ability to type quickly and accurately, to hold multiple sessions with style flexibility, and to be able to chat in the voice tone of your organisation.

Advisers need to anticipate customer needs, make suggestions and build rapport through instant text-based communication.

Communication can be challenging when no tone is audible and no visual clues are present. The impression that you create relies solely on the words you type.

In this workshop we will experiment with how to do this and share best practice tips.

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