Gone are the days when a workforce resource planner could sit behind a computer all day crunching numbers and allocating shifts via email.  Now the most valuable Planners are able to engage with all stakeholders in the organisation to ensure the contact centre is able to fulfil organisational goals by meeting customer demands.

At the heart of the success of any contact centre is its people.  Advisors need to be happy, motivated and engaged in their work in order to be resilient, helpful and positive with customers.  They are at the forefront of the customer experience.

The skills of your Planning experts can have a pivotal role in employee, and therefore customer, engagement. For example, communicating changes to shift patterns, persuading Advisors to increase or decrease their hours and how your Planners request improved schedule adherence shapes your contact centre culture, impacting recruitment, retention, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The ability of Planners to influence stakeholders to make the right decisions for promotional activities, communicate the impacts of seasonal demands, new products and even deal with crisis responses, can make or break your operational performance.

Aim of this Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to assist contact centre planning experts to engage, motivate and influence stakeholders at all levels.