You cannot force creativity, but just as you can learn techniques to improve your memory, you can learn techniques to be more creative.

‘Initiative’ relies on your ability to think in an inventive and creative way. In order to use initative and to challenge others, we must first have an ‘idea’. You may find that you have lots of ideas, many of which never see the light of day. Or, you may find that ideas don’t seem to come easily to you; and you may find yourself envying the more ‘creative’ thinkers and asking yourself ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

Some people will say ‘I am not very creative’ which of course sends a message to the brain that we are not creative, which it in turn, will believe. Not helpful. Instead we need to be encouraging, playful, less logical and structured.

In this course we will explore tips to show you how, some of which are really easy, simple shifts. So, next time you find yourself trying to work on something that requires tough thinking and creativity, these tips will break you free.

Challenging others doesn’t mean you already have to have all the ideas. Your intuition may not have all the answers but it may tell you something isn’t quite right.

Being able to challenge people from a place of trust and respect and without fear or competition lurking will ensure your challenges are authentic and productive.

Sure, at times they will still hurt. Human nature is egotisitcal by design and programmed to defend. Your emotional intelligence is demonstrated by your ability to rise above this, and to both give and receive challenge; …and even to proactively seek it!

Really enjoyed the course, stayed focused throughout and it was really relevant

- Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Thoroughly enjoyable and useful. Hard to improve the format

- SMART Telesales

I felt compelled to write this morning to thank you for the session yesterday. It was so refreshing and I got a lot of practical tips I can use. Thank you.

- i-Know UK