As anybody who has worked as a Leader will know, people management is hard work. Some leaders make inspiring and motivating look easy, famous people such as Mandela, Branson, Ghandi and Mother Theresa for example. These people are often held up in leadership courses as the style of leader we should aspire to be –however is that realistic, achievable or even necessary?

Taking a refreshingly practical point of instruction, this workshop focuses on self-awareness for communicating with impact, influencing and persuading and giving effective feedback. We will explore what ‘transformational’ leadership really means and give practical tips to allow the guiding principles to be translated and used in everyday life.

This course will build the effectiveness and confidence of all leaders. It will give tips to consolidate the strengths of your natural style and enhance communication with your team by being able to flex your approach. As a result, you will energise your team meetings and solve problems with your most difficult people. Every participant receives a workbook packed full of practical tips and tools to improve the effectiveness of their leadership, including how to brief and debrief teams effectively, how to find out what motivates individuals and resources to use with their teams. The result of these activities will increase the motivation of team members to ensure increased productivity, fewer mistakes and a happier, healthier workforce.

This workshop is designed to meet the changing demands placed on Team Managers, aimed at aiding and inspiring Team Managers to effectively manage their teams and improve performance. It is a challenging workshop with high-impact learning that addresses the issues, highlights the opportunities that will ultimately equip Team Managers with the proven knowledge and competencies to deliver results and assertively lead and manage their team to its full potential. As a result of completing this workshop delegates will develop practical tips and phrases for high impact corrective feedback without losing morale.