Why do some teams just work so easily and other teams struggle to ‘gel’?

Should you build a team of likeminded people or embrace friction to ensure healthy challenge and competition?

There is no right or wrong answer. As a leader of a team, you are often dealt a hand that you have little or no say in.  What is important is how you work with what you have to maximise the chances of success.

There is certainly evidence that demonstrates successful teams impact positively on productivity and employee engagement. They experience less attrition and enjoy their work. Increasingly, the millennial work force reports that they are less motivated by money and more motivated by the experiences that their employment affords, both on and off the job.

Therefore, understanding team dynamics and having the ability to handle disagreements and conflicts in order to have your team return stronger than ever is a key leadership skill.

In this one-day workshop for leaders we will:

  • Examine the team life cycle to understand why teams evolve over time and experience
  • Learn how to facilitate a good team dynamic with little time or budget
  • Determine the 3 key ingredients for successful ground rules in any team
  • Practice how to manage conflict within a team and restore a calm environment
  • Recognise why both similarity and difference play a part in successful teams

We have never had such positive feedback. I will have no hesitation in recommending Real Results to my colleagues and contacts in the future.

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