Nerves can be so debilitating. They can hold us back from achieving our true potential and keep us in our comfort zone. They can stop us participating, shining, feeling exhilarated, satisfied and confident. There is no magic bullet that anyone can give you to take away nerves forever. Even the most famous and successful sporting heroes and high achievers will suffer from nerves. The key is ‘to feel the fear and do it anyway’. Learning how to manage your nerves rather than allowing your nerves to manage you is a mind-set shift that can be learned. Many people hold back for fear of looking incompetent, saying the wrong thing or inviting disagreement.

In this workshop we will explore practical strategies for overcoming nerves in meetings, presentations and networking event that will allow you to contribute, be at your best and enjoy the limelight!

(If you wish to benefit more from networking you may wish to attend the Networking workshop that complements this session.)