Things don’t always go to plan. Humans make mistakes. We can do and say the wrong thing, or at least it’s interpreted that way. Things happen that are outside of our control and still we fret and worry because we fear their impact. But why do some people appear to cope better with setbacks and change than others?

During changing, challenging times a whole host of pressure, emotion and stress can occur, leaving us feeling exhausted and at times even a little bit irrational.

When things are going well and you have a setback you will be much better equipped to deal with it than when you are tired, under pressure, or emotionally involved. In this workshop you will learn how to avoid getting on a downward spiral of negativity, undermining your own confidence and self esteem or pressing a ‘self destruct’ button.

It allows you to box off failure, bounce back from issues and to keep learning and moving forwards positively.

It’s ok to feel mad, bad or sad. It’s when you get stuck there longer than you need to that we have a problem. Reslience and Tenacity is about being able to recover and try again.

As a leader your team will look to you to know if they should be worried about change or a certain issue. Your ability to stay rational and process situations positively is a key skill as a leader and for your personal development (and sometimes sanity!)

In this course you will learn practical solutions that you can apply back at work straightaway, you may also find the thinking and techniques helpful in all areas of your life!

We have never had such positive feedback. I will have no hesitation in recommending Ember Real Results to my colleagues and contacts in the future.

- United Utilities

Thoroughly enjoyable and useful. Hard to improve the format.

- SMART Telesales

Excellent trainer delivery.

- Carphone Warehouse