People don’t like feeling as if we’re being aggressively sold to!

In regulated businesses this is also likely to land you in hot water! So much so that front line teams can ‘back off’ too much and fail to offer enough information and options to customers.

This course covers the principle of ‘Sales through Service’, in other words, if you can build a rapport with the person and talk about the product or service in relation to how it benefits them (and not just its features) then you will improve your sales.

Your team will learn how to listen and ask questions so they can tailor your offering to the customer and make relevant suggestions to cross and up-sell. They learn how to overcome any fear or embarrassment, deal with objections and bounce back from rejection.

Your people  leave feeling inspired, motivated and capable of gaining more sales than ever before whilst delighting, not alienating, customers. This engaging and interactive course works well, even in regulated environments and can be made bespoke with examples from your own world to give delegates context to their learning and practical suggestions to take away and try.

In every customer journey there are emotional touch points that need to be identified and understood. By getting the basics right, the traditional sales techniques of ‘objection handling’ and ‘closing the sale’ become much easier.

Using what we know works from the fields of influence, emotional intelligence and advanced communication; we help your teams to gather a practical new toolkit of sales skills, which they can flex to suit the needs of each individual customer.

When it comes to selling; one size does definitely not fit all!