Social Media has forever changed the way we communicate with our friends, our family and customers. In this bespoke workshop your agents will be trained to interact with your customers via Twitter, Facebook and any online communities you may have. We will work with you beforehand to establish the brand voice you are aiming for and collect examples that you do and don’t want your agents follow.

The workshop is delivered in a user-friendly way to help your teams to make the most of these tools and to ensure you are not left behind in the digital revolution! With lots of practice activities, examples and advice from industry experts, this a vital step to avoiding the mistakes made in social customer service by the biggest names. If British Airways, HMV, EasyJet, Tesco and many more have got it wrong, you need your teams to attend this workshop and make sure you are not next!

We will take your teams online in the session and review tweets and posts from your live feeds and practice writing answers and replies with prizes for the most creative, humourous, witty or helpful responses!

This session is engaging and interactive and participants enjoy the hands-on approach. They leave feeling clear and committed to delivering a consistent and professional social customer service experience, following in your house style, brand guidelines and online policies and procedures (if you don’t have these in place we can help!)

In this course you will learn practical solutions that your teams can apply back at work straightaway and that can be followed up by managers, coaches or QA teams to ensure training is retained and applied consistently and permanently.

Carolyn's passion for social customer service shone through and the team were able to ask questions and receive live guidance, The format worked really well!

- Serco

The team loved their social media training from Ember Real Results. It has really boosted their confidence and got everyone writing consistently in the fun house style we wanted.

- Eckoh

Carolyn Blunt and Martin Hill-Wilson have written the new rule book for 21st Century Customer Service.

- Call Centre