Leaders of any organisation often work with uncertainty and ambiguity. However, with the fast changing landscape the 21st Century it is more critical than ever before that clear thinking is present in order to ensure we take the necessary action and make it responsive to the needs of its stakeholders.

As well as adopting a strategic vision, leaders and managers need to manage short and long-term priorities, especially where resources are finite. This requires an ability to display “big picture” thinking while paying sufficient attention to significant detail.

Leaders also need to focus on continuous improvement by keeping abreast of best practice within and outside the organisation.

Leaders and managers play a pivotal role in delivering the organisation’s vision for the future.

This session examines the principles of developing and delivering on a vision and how that then translates into thoughts, plans and actions. This session will offer you the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of strategic thinking, short and medium-term planning and how to view things from different perspectives.

We will demystify what ‘critical’ thinking actually entails and provide a clear but flexible approach for you to apply some of the most popular processes to your work.

We will discuss the approaches to taking in information and how your thinking style affects your decision making and what the advantages and potential disadvantages will be for you.

In this course you will learn practical solutions that you can apply back at work straightaway so that both you, your organisation and your stakeholders benefit immediately.