“You cannot manage time, so don’t even try. It is how you manage yourself that counts!”

So beware, there is no magic wand! Time is an unmovable force and everyone has the same amount each day. So why do some people do better with time than others? Do you sometimes leave work feeling exhausted but unable to remember what you actually did? If you feel you are rushed off your feet but still not getting all your tasks done, or that you waste time daily searching for papers, emails and objects then this course will help you. This course will show you how to make the best use of the time you have, and why some people find it a harder challenge than others.

Have you got clear, manageable to-do-lists, tidy desks, clear email in-boxes, and are punctual (or early!) for everything? Or do you feel like you could be all of those if only you didn’t have to deal with constant interruptions, other people’s issues and all the fire fighting that gets landed on you at the last minute? Either way this course can help you achieve the skills needed or refine them so that you are organised and in control of your work and your life!

Whether you find yourself procrastinating or find it hard to say ‘no’ we’ve got tips and solutions for you, all you have to do is invest 1 day of your time!

Some people get energised by last minute time pressures and for other people that’s really stressful. This is entirely down to your personality preference which we will help you interpret, understand and work with your traits rather than against them. This is why our Time Management training gets lasting results and doesn’t just create unweildy rules that you stop following a week later.

You may be great at Time Management and are looking at this course for a colleague whose style frustrates you. That’s okay but they’ve got to want to change. Their style may work for them, even though it is vastly different from yours. How are the results? In this course you will learn practical solutions that you can apply back at work straightaway, you may find the skills are useful in your personal life as well!

We have never had such positive feedback. I will have no hesitation in recommending Ember Real Results to my colleagues and contacts in the future.

- United Utilities

Thoroughly enjoyable and useful. Hard to improve the format.

- SMART Telesales

Excellent trainer delivery.

- Carphone Warehouse