Its all about the Blend

Straight E-learning and Blended Learning Packages

Technology has amazing benefits for training.  But like anything else, it needs to be used in the right way if it’s going to deliver real results for you and your company.  Our E-Learning approach is cutting edge, rich with hi-tech ideas and tools, and able to be populated with a broad variety of content.

So, it’s a fantastic tool, but how should you use it? Here are our suggestions for how to think about it.  If these strike a chord, why not dig into the courses and see what is most interesting?

It’s all about the Blend

E-Learning doesn’t simply mean an alternative to classroom training.  It can add tremendous value to classroom training too.

Blended Learning is where classroom training is supplemented and enhanced through additional modules accessed online or through your mobile device (M-Learning).

Effectively what this means is that our E-Learning content works in tandem with our regular classes, and that the end result is greater than the sum of the parts.  Technology is brilliant in its own way, but it’s really most effective when combined with the energy and involvement you get in the classroom.

Cost effective internal training

Have you already got some people who could train your staff internally? People who could, with a bit of help, take on your training requirement themselves? E-Learning offers a fantastically cost-effective solution here, as we can give you access to our platform, and help you use and populate it with relevant content.

Quick Compliance

Sometimes, you just need a quick hit of succinct training for all your staff. Maybe on a regulatory complaince topic or to raise awareness about a new system or process. Using our Learning Management System and range of off the shelf legal compliance and HR courses you can get the messages out there, track who has viewed the e-learning material and test their understanding at a low cost to the business.

Our 3 ‘R’s of E-Learning

We’ve broken down E-Learning into a set of rules and ideas to follow:
•    Remind : E-Learning can be used to remind learners of classroom training content as follow up modules that they can consume from their desks during breaks or even on their mobile devices on the train on the way to work
•    Revise : E-Learning can be used to test how much course delegates have taken away from the training and point out where they may need additional training or coaching
•    Retain : Course delegates who get E-Learning follow ups retain more of the key information and adopt more of the desired learning outcomes.

However you want it…

E-Learning packages can be supplied in a range of industry standard formats ready to be loaded into your Learning Management System (LMS).

If you don’t have a Learning Management System, that’s no problem.  We’ll look after all that side of things for you – providing secure access for your staff and regular reports on course completion.

The Next Step

If you want to take the next step towards a blended learning future for your organisation then contact us to find out more about our e-learning solutions or visit our e-learning portal.

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