Discrimination, Harassment & Victimisation Awareness

All employers want fair and happy environments for their employees but unfortunately even in the best managed workplaces issues such as bullying and discrimination can occur. Over the past 40 years legistation has been developed to protects employees from work related discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Most recently the Equality Act of 2010 harmonised several older laws into new more modern legislation.

A fact that is not often appreciated by employers is that they may be held liable under the act for the wrongful actions of their employees or agents. According to the law anything done by an employee in the course of their employment is treated as having been done by the employer regardless of if it was done with the employers knowledge or not.

If you need any detail on the Equality Act then we recommend that you get advice from your local law practice but law firms all agree that one of the best ways for an employer to protect themselves from prosecution under the equality act is to:

  • Have and implemented an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy which they review regularly,
  • Make all employees aware of the policy and what is and isn’t unacceptable behaviour in regards to bullying – normally through elearning training,
  • Train managers and supervisors on harassment issues – and be able to prove that the individuals have had the training.
  • Take steps to deal effectively with complaints including taking disciplinary action

Real Results have developed an off the shelf ready to go 30 minute e-learning module designed specifically to meet the objective of training all employees on the content of standard discrimination, harassment and victimisation policies and to educate on what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour in the workplace.  An additional more in depth module is available for Managers and Supervisors to cover the subject in more depth and with more focus on management issues such as avoiding discrimination in the recruitment process.

Learning Outcomes

This training will ensure that your staff:

  • Understand the terms Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation,
  • Can recognise differnent types of Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation in the workplace,
  • Know what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour,
  • Know when and what to do to challenge unnaceptable behaviour they encounter.
The Real Result for your Business

By ensuring all staff complete this simple e-learning module and recording the delegate attendance on the training, employers can both improve their workplace harmony and help protect themselves from prosecution under the Equality Act.

The Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation Awareness e-learning package is designed to provide a number of tangible benefits for smart businesses, including:

  • Helping create a diverse and happy workplace environment that both helps retain existing staff and attract new applicants,
  • Protect and minimise employment tribunals and any resulting fines,
  • Contributes to the reduction in workplace issues that can demotivate staff, reduce their efficiency or even cause them to leave,
  • Helps create motivated staff who recognise that their employer understands and takes discrimination, harassment and victimisation in the workplace seriously,
Return on Investment

In 2011, the average payout at tribunal for discrimination in the workplace under the Equality Act was £38,848. This figure was slightly skewed by two particualrly large payouts but removing those from the calculation the average was still £15,130. The figure typically increases by approximately 10% each year.

The Real Results Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation Awareness e-learning package can be purchased for less than 1/3rd of the average tribunal payoutproviding businesses with peace of mind and instant return on investment should any prosecution be brought against them.

How to Buy

The Discrimination, Harassement and Victimisation Awareness e-learning package can be purchased as a stand alone module ready to be hosted in your Learning Management System (LMS), or if you don’t have an LMS, it can be hosted and delivered by Real Results on your behalf.

When hosted on your LMS the package can be supplied in a number of industry standard formats including SCORM, AAIC and TinCan.

When hosted on the Real Results LMS your users will be provided with a unique login ID and password so they can log in to our system and run the training. Reports are generated each month to show who has attended and if they have completed the training and passed the end of module assessment.

Contact us today to find out more about the package and pricing details.

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