In the world of contact centre Learning & Development we certainly need to prepare for the changes ahead.  This presentation outlines the three ‘C’s that human talent needs to develop in order to differentiate from the bots and make your service conversations stand out.  And don’t forget that the human’s in your contact centres want to make a difference.  In the coming years 50% of the workforce will be Gen Z and Y, and they want a purpose and they want to learn.  The way that we deliver learning needs to be modern and make best use of technology.  If we can personalise customer journeys why can we not personalise learner ones? All too often contact centre agents are on-boarded with dull, classroom content that we try to drive into their heads when really we should be making it easier for them to find the content that they need.  Ember’s knowledge retention platform ‘Errol Owl’ is designed to meet this specific challenge and you can book a demo here

We would also be delighted to talk to you further about how to leverage technology in your business and ensure that you don’t neglect the humans who for now, are still right there, talking to your customers every day.

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