Join us to hear 3 powerful Ember Talks delivered by award-winning customer engagement specialists. Our talks are about spreading ideas on subjects that matter to the customer engagement community. These talks are designed to get you thinking out-of-the-box and inspire you.

Ember Talks Theme: Maximising the value in your contact centre conversations

Event Details

Date: 22nd February 2018

Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Location: The British Library, 96 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London, NW1 2DB

Delegate Profile

This event is for those responsible for the customer engagements and operations. You will find this event useful if you are:

  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Customer Experience and Engagement
  • C-Suite

Presentation 1: Managing Mindset Change

Often in contact centres we use titles such as ‘Customer Service Advisor’ for our frontline teams.  We label the contact centre ‘Customer Support Centre’ and have a culture focused on CSAT, FCR and AHT.  When the organisation begins to lose market share or the sector hits harder economic times there can often be a renewed focus on maximising the value in enquiries, quotes and orders.  This can be met with fear and resistance from the front line – “I wasn’t recruited to be a salesperson” is a common reaction. It is important to support the mindset shift required by providing the relevant learning and coaching.

In this session Carolyn Blunt will detail some practical examples of tried and tested projects that have facilitated the new mindset and led to more enjoyable, confident and valuable conversations across all channels.

Presentation 2: Sales Through Service Skills

There are a number of practical skills that effective sales people demonstrate, sometimes without even realising it.  They build rapport with their customers and prospective customers in a positive and friendly way, paying attention to the information shared and making the other person feel genuinely interesting and valued.   The ability to ask questions to uncover needs and spot opportunities are another key skill in sales conversations.  These need to be relevant, natural and not scripted or ‘stalkery’!

In this session Senior L&D Consultant Leon Boland will share examples of Do’s and Don’ts for building sales skills in frontline teams and share real examples of projects that have maximised order values and conversions and delivered significant ROI on client training projects.

Presentation 3: Channels and Digital Focus

Whatever channel mix you have in your contact centre there is an opportunity to consider efficiencies and generating more value.  Making best use of technology and insight can save time and money as well as generating additional revenue.

In this session Ember Group Director Simon Foot will share industry data and examples and look to the future of contact centre roles and cultures.  Simon will share a case study where the clever use of interaction analytics coupled with effective training can really drive sales performance.