Omni-Channel Skill Flexibility


Customers want to be treated as individuals, not as a statistic. They hate it if you don’t know who they are, what the trail of contact is and especially if they have to repeat themselves.  Personalisation is achieved through both the technology platform (telephony system, CRM) and via good adviser/agent soft skills.  To achieve personalisation strategy  a joined up omni-channel experience should be offered, so no matter whether I tweeted you, called you, sent an email, put a post on your Facebook page or a combination of all of those you know who I am, what I need and where it’s up to.  Then I expect your agent to flex his or her style to meet mine so that we have a good rapport and your brand feels like a ‘fit’ for me and I feel like your number one customer, regardless of the number of customers you serve.

Not a lot to ask is it?

As a customer to your organisation I need to feel special and need to put in minimum effort. So the flexibility of your front line is key. This training will support your teams in the communication and style details that can make all the difference to customer experience, retention and loyalty.

Omni channel is also great fun! It provides variety for the front line that keeps the job interesting. It provides flexibility in workforce planning and greater responsiveness. However training is a key part of the sucess of any omni channel strategy. We’re already excited about the possibility of helping you with it!

Cost Effective

We are always keen to discuss metrics with you to demonstrate and guarantee maximum return on your investment from working with us.

The Course

This course is designed to support front line advisers and agents working between different channels of customer communication. For example between voice, email and digital channels (including social media and live chat or web chat). Each one requires a different skill set to ensure professional and effective personalised communication with customers that positively reflects your brand ‘voice’.


This is an interactive session so come prepared to discuss and practice your skills in a safe, friendly and fun environment. It’s the best way to learn and the day will fly by!


The course last 4 days


Each day runs from 9.30-4.30


Venue of your choice

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