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Imagine you’re sitting at home having dinner, trying to catch up with friends or family and the phone rings.  You answer it, and it’s someone trying to sell you life insurance.  Annoying!  Now let’s imagine another scenario. You go online and something prompts you to think about life insurance, so in your own time, when it suits you, you go and find a social media site, maybe on Facebook, or possibly Twitter or LinkedIn and start to chat to other people there about what they recommend and what’s good.

Which scenario is most likely to lead to you buying life insurance?  OK, so the answer is obvious, but now let’s imagine that the conversations on the social media sites are in fact being influenced and controlled by the same salesman who was previously trying to do the cold calling.  Let’s say he does then get on a call, after having warmed people up online? That individual has an excellent chance of converting the sale.

Cheaper, too

So although the story above illustrates how social media can be used by smart businesses to be excellent sales and marketing channels, did you know that if done right, they can be up to five times cheaper than phone sales and actually be far faster and easier too?

Our courses will show how to best engage with social media and the digital world, in such a way that it fits in with your existing business and mindset.

Learn before you leap

But you can’t just leap onto social media and start typing.  Getting it right can transform a business, but getting it wrong can damage a brand and create unwanted reputations.

We’ll educate and train you on the right technology and policies, and offer focused and effective consultancy that will absolutely maximise the opportunity for you.

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If you need a quick start to the world of omni-channel customer service, then our online Contact Centre Digitalisation Masterclass from our e-learning portal could be the perfect option.

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