Blending your learning

Create an award winning blended solution


Is your current training mainly formal classroom facilitated style? Do you want to use technology or other methods to enhance how your people learn?

The idea of blended learning is nothing new these days. Here at Ember Real Results HQ we have worked with many clients on blending their learning programmes. The use of technology in learning is a great way for individuals to learn and can be extremely effective. In fact, a 2008 Corporate Executive Board study showed that within a week, people forgot 70 per cent of what they learnt from formal training, and within a month it rises to 87 per cent, with this in mind it is critical that the learning you deliver within your organisation is engaging and results driven using a blend of methods.

There are several benefits of a well-executed blended learning programme, some of the key ones are:

  • Learning ‘sticks’ in the learners minds long after the event. We achieve this by providing a variety of creative input methods that stimulate individual learners and creating memorable learning ‘campaigns’.
  • Building flexible solutions for different stages of learning, for example moving from concept to skill mastery before then supporting the transfer of learning to the job and providing feedback and coaching for continuous improvement.  A useful read to understand this further is the 70:20:10 approach.

Of course, blended learning can be over-complicated by offering too many options and media formats, thrown together to give the appearance of a crafted solution, sometimes it can even feel ‘forced’ and disjointed, especially if something has been converted to digital learning ‘to tick the digital box’. However, a well-defined approach starts with an understanding of the needs of both the organisation and of the individual learners, and this is where we come in.

Bringing in experts is where you will see the difference, we pride ourselves in really understanding where your current learning is at and then work with you on designing a tailored blended programme led by our quirky in-house digital learning experts. We will then transform your whole programme into an end to end blended learning solution including the face to face element if required.

Why not have an informal chat with us on how we can support you with creating an award winning blended solution?