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Embracing technology is a crucial evolution for any learning department, and whilst we are certainly not suggesting it will fully replace ‘facilitated’ learning, it is important to realise that giving learners the chance to develop through digital experiences is essential. The modern-day generation has grown up with intuitive technology all around them and naturally they expect this from their workplace learning too. Technology really powers the ability to complement, reinforce and embed facilitated learning.

Micro Learning

Delivering learning in short, focused bites of content is an effective way to embed learning. We can create engaging explainer videos, presenter led video clips, infographics, interactive guides and fact sheets to ensure your learners have all the tools to be the best!


A successful onboarding program is important to ensure new starters hit the floor running and embedding those key values. We are able to create great a great onboarding experience from pre boarding through to ongoing support.


You’ve no doubt endured tedious compliance training in the past, clicking through endless screens of words. Here at ERR we are able to make the driest of subjects engaging and informative.

System Changes

On average a company will renew or implement a new system 4 times in the next decade. We are able to build engaging solutions using a blend of exercises, scenarios, walkthroughs and knowledge checks to ensure your people have all the support they need feel confident using their new software.

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