VR Solutions

Empathy and compassion are essential skills for contact centre advisors; but it can be challenging to train via traditional learning methods.  In order to create a lasting impact we are taking experiential learning to the next level with Virtual Reality environments designed to immerse advisors in the real feelings of:

  • Vulnerable customers
  • Insurance loss claims (flood, fire, storm, health, theft)
  • Utilities (power/water outage)
  • Debt collection
  • Leadership

VR can be used as part of our blended, facilitated workshops or as a standalone solution.

We are also able to build bespoke VR environments to suit your organisation.  We would be delighted to discuss and price this with you upon request.

 “The software was amazing and helped me to feel what our customers are feeling when they call up to start an insurance claim.”

“Thank you for the VR experience.  It was great and made the training so much more real and memorable.”