Facilitator Capability Improvement

Become a better skilled version of yourself


In this course you will learn practical solutions for all these critical steps so that you can apply excellent training practices back at work straightaway!

Cost Effective

Effective internal training capability is a cost-effective solution for organisations to develop their people.

This workshop will support your identified trainers in being able to design and deliver training sessions to a professional standard.

The Course

The intensive 4 day course will give participants underpinning academic training and development knowledge required (as covered in the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development ‘Certificate in Training Practice’).

This is coupled with opportunities for practical skill development, example scenarios and clear pragmatic do’s and don’ts.


This is an interactive session with encouragement and feedback from an FCIPD qualified training professional with a decade of training experience.

Come prepared to practice your training delivery skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Who we've helped

“These training interventions absolutely hit the nail on the head. We have no hesitation in recommending Carolyn and her team at Ember Real Results. We are already planning to work with them again” - Bupa

“Into January we have seen average talk time decrease by approx 60 seconds which is huge and also across the One Health teams we are seeing consistent handle times of around 5 minutes which is good too. We are going to continue mopping up the remaining people on BALANCE training in Feb/March and also have got weekly optimisation meetings in place to review progress and individual performance to keep the focus on this”. - Boots

“We are totally committed to continuously improving the quality of service offering to our Customers. The positive feedback and initial results demonstrates why we are working in partnership with Ember Real Results. Their values, quality and delivery completely support the aims of our Business Strategy and it is leading to a step change in performance.” - Autoglass

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