Presentation Skills

The ability to present confidently and professionally at work is a key skill; and it is one that everybody can continually improve.  This workshop is a safe, interactive environment in which to develop or perfect your presentation skills.  It covers everything from presentation design to real time presentation practice.  Participants will receive encouragement, support and feedback to enable them to be the best presenter they can be.  Each participant receives a comprehensive workbook packed full of secret tips for successful presenting.


Presentations can be daunting. Fear of saying the wrong thing, going blank or not being able to answer questions at the end are common fears. Avoiding volunteering for presentations is not the answer. This will be negative on your reputation and ultimately your career. So let’s start by taking small steps together. It’s safe and you’ll get real results!

Who is it for?

This course is perfect for either new or experienced presenters, it is tailored to the needs of each person in the group on the day. Everyone receives individual feedback from their practical and the opportunity to ask questions. Anyone who makes presentations at work can benefit.

What do people say?

“I didn’t want to do my practical. I felt sick. I wasn’t put under pressure but in the end I didn’t want to let the group down. I did it. It wasn’t perfect but it was a hugely positive leap forward for me!  A month later I can say that this course has changed everything for me. I’m more confident to speak up in meetings and I don’t shy away from presentations completely. I still get nervous but now I know that will fade.” Lyndsey, Team Manager.


This is a 1 day course


9.30am until 4.30pm


Venue of your choice

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