Sales Through Service

The sceptical British are some of the hardest people to sell to.  We immediately put up barriers and don’t listen to ‘sales talk’.  In short, we don’t like feeling as if we’re being sold to!

This course emphasises the principle of ‘Sales through Service’, if you can build a rapport with the person and talk about the product or service in relation to how it benefits them and not just its features, then you will improve your sales.  Covering how to deal with objections and rejection, delegates will leave feeling inspired, motivated and capable of gaining more sales than ever before whilst delighting, not alienating, customers.

(If you are looking for Sales Through Service training in a Face to Face environment; such as retail, then we can definitely help you with this too! Just ask to see our case study on Barbour)

Cost Effective

We are always keen to discuss metrics with you to demonstrate and guarantee maximum return on your investment from working with us.

The Course

This course is designed for people who need to make sales from either new contacts or existing customers without the hard sell. It will benefit everyone by offering new ideas, tips and techniques to boost selling motivation and refresh their approach to sales. Just giving some time out of the day job to discuss and refocus effort is a huge boost and coupled with our proven influencing techniques will uplift sales without any awkward or pushy consequences. Based on past experience we even predict an improvement in customer satisfaction metrics due to the extra help and information being provided.


This is an interactive session so come prepared to discuss and practice your skills in a safe, friendly and fun environment. It’s the best way to learn and the day will fly by!


The course lasts 1 day


The course usually runs from 9.30-4.30


Venue of your choice

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