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Robust TNA

As part of the Ember Group of companies we are able to leverage the consulting work of Ember Services into our learning solutions.  This is diagnostics on steroids, providing insight from analytics technologies and analyst man hours and repurposing that into L&D. We don’t do training for training’s sake.


We are award-winning creative specialists.  We customize solutions for clients to create a unique theme and fit for your world.  Our sessions are interactive and blended and make the best use of modern technology, including our own platforms.

Real Results

We supply world-class learning consultants to provide pace and scale wherever you need us.  We also provide blended solutions including digital learning packages and follow-up activity programmes. We guarantee you get real results from your investment with us.

The Real Results Difference

We can help you to understand customer value – driving down costs, identifying hidden risks and supporting the transition of delivery – so that you can transform confidently, innovatively and successfully to secure your future through better customer engagement.

Learning Strategy

The diagnostic activity is fundamental to ensure that any subsequent learning solutions achieve the desired result.

Input is invited from the learners and managers to understand previous learning experiences and create buy-in. Performance and customer data is gathered to ensure that a robust picture is built up of the current position.  The goals of the learning intervention are clearly defined to ensure that any training is not just for ‘training’s sake’.

Toolsets for this phase can include interaction analytics which can verify or disprove lines of thinking that otherwise may be built upon much smaller analysis samples.

The data collected in this stage provides a benchmark upon which to measure change during the evaluation phase.

Every project deserves an original and customised approach, even if parts of the project may efficiently reuse packages of pre-existing content.  The optimum usage of different methods of learning delivery is shaped by the culture, structure and demographic of each individual organisation, the type of learning to be completed (e.g. conceptual understanding versus physical skill) and the available technology (LMS, Knowledge Management etc.) within your organisation.

Ultimately your project with us will come to an end, and it is important to begin with that in mind at this stage.  We will establish together ‘what good looks like’ for the project and its results and also plan for the ongoing, internal ownership of the solution thereafter.

Projects vary in scale and scope but we apply the same robust planning methodology to each to ensure a friction-free experience. We work with you to determine the best (and worst!) times for your learning solution to land (or not!).

Releasing people for training often feels inconvenient and expensive, which is where digital learning solutions can assist by shortening physical classroom time and minimising disruption.  If the diagnostic phase has revealed an appetite for self-directed learning online, then we will factor this in - ideally as part of the delivery mechanism - but almost always as part of the knowledge retention strategy in various forms, including our Errol Owl tool.

We will seek to make use of internal coaches and mentors to assist with the embedding of new knowledge and skills into everyday life so that your project achieves its goals and ROI.

Learning Design

The Diagnostic outputs will provide the focus for the construction of prioritised learning outcomes.  These outcomes set the realistic and measurable scope for each element of the overall solution and provide clarity to the learner - and to their manager – of the expected results.  For voluntary learning, the outcomes are often the deciding factor when choosing from competing learning solution options and must therefore be concise and appealing.

Pre-work is a key element when creating an efficient learning solution and especially when seeking to provide an end-to-end learning campaign that is memorable.  Our creative themes start here and capture the imagination.

The theme and structure of the classroom experience is defined in this stage, taking into account the required learning outcomes, budget, culture and demographic of the participants as established in the Diagnostic stage.

Inspiration for themes is drawn from television shows, cinema, theatre, literature, historical eras and of course from the organisational brand, goals and straplines.

These themes are woven into games and activities to create a logical and seamless learning experience that makes enjoyable classroom time fly by and new skills stick and transfer to the job.

Like group learning, the scope and content for digital modules is also based on the diagnostic outputs.  It is founded on the Learning Strategy decisions, e.g. whether to ‘blend’ with (or stand alone from) group learning; and this determines the duration and style of what will now be created.

Themes chosen are reflected in the look, music and imagery chosen for the digital solution. The use of video, audio, games and quizzes avoids the dreaded ‘click next’ repetitiveness of static products.

The data relating to completion and quiz scores can be collected by your LMS and used to track learner journeys and support gaps.

Learning Delivery

In order to maximise openness to learning, the classroom experience should be fun! Studies show that when exactly the same content is delivered by a good facilitator, the transfer of learning rate is 75-100% higher than when delivered by a poor facilitator.

Energy, humour, clarity, credibility and being learner-centric are just some of the key ingredients that our professional and highly experienced facilitators have in spades with ease.

Creating a pleasant learning environment is something we can advise on. The power of discomfort to undermine the whole experience is not to be underestimated, and we will help you to avoid.

Remembering to log-in and complete a digital module can feel onerous if it is not supported by making time in the learner’s busy schedule.

We will work with you to agree when is appropriate for learning to be undertaken and phase the delivery of digital modules to suit.

Quizzes and test results can be tracked and reported and any non-completion flagged for internal follow-up.

Coaching and/or Mentoring can take place as part of a blended solution or as a stand-alone option.

The focus of a 1:1 conversation is incredibly powerful to allow the time and space to think, which is often missed in a hectic and reactive work environment.

Quality performance conversations are proven to consolidate reflection and motivation – two components that are necessary to achieve any lasting change in thinking and behaviour.

Our coaches and mentors are highly skilled and experienced in creating the optimum dynamic of support and challenge for success to flourish.