Our Partners

Here at Ember Real Results it is important that we keep up to date with current trends and what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’ across the industry.

To do this we are proud to not only have strategic partnerships with independent bodies but also work closely with key industry organisations.

Below are some of the key relationships Ember Real Results has formed:

The Learning and Performance Institute

We are delighted to be an Accredited Learning Provider awarded by the LPI. This means that Ember Real Results is independently and internationally acknowledged as a forward-thinking, reputable provider, committed to learner outcomes, performance development and customer satisfaction. We certainly pride ourselves in delivering the best experience possible to our clients whilst ensuring our solutions deliver real results. To be endorsed by an independent global learning body like the LPI is a real achievement.

About the LPI

Established in 1995, the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is the leading global authority on workplace Learning & Development. Whether it’s sharing knowledge, bringing you together with like-minded professionals, or providing practical advice and solutions, the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) delivers an unrivalled service to the workplace learning sector. With a comprehensive range of membership, certification, accreditation, events, awards, networks and consulting, our mission is to promote the skills and professional status of individuals and organisations engaged in learning activities and assess the quality of learning services. Membership of the LPI demonstrates your commitment to both your own and the industry’s professional development. LPI membership sets you apart from other learning professionals and gives you industry recognition of your skills, experience, professionalism and quality. Join the thousands of individual members and hundreds of accredited organisations who are passionate about workplace learning.

You can find out more about the LPI here: www.thelpi.org

Training Journal

We are thrilled to also have a strategic relationship with TJ, ensuring that as a company we contribute back to the world of learning by sharing our research, blogs, content and webinars with the learning industry through our TJ partnership. This again is an important relationship, not only to ensure we stay up to date with the Learning industry, but to also be a thought leader in the learning world and share these thoughts through TJs network of professionals.

About TJ

Training Journal is the UK’s only dedicated publication for the training and L&D industry. Aimed at everyone from the head of corporate learning & development to the independent trainer, Training Journal and our website www.trainingjournal.com provide the industry with a huge resource of information. Having just celebrated our 50th anniversary, Training Journal has always been at the forefront of the industry, discussing the latest trends and research and helping to shape opinion and drive improvement across the industry.

You can find out more about the TJ here: http://www.trainingjournal.com/

Callcentre Helper

As we mentioned in our ‘who we are’ section of our site, our routes come from the Contact Centre space; and throughout our journey over the years, we have had a longstanding and important relationship with Call Centre Helper. Having a relationship with CCH is key, and we believe this relationship keeps us up to date with the Contact Centre trends and current happenings. We also give back to the Contact Centre world through our CCH relationship by joining them on their webinars and sharing our thoughts as industry experts to providing them with blogs and content for their readers. We look forward to sharing many more years ahead with CCH and their network.

About CCH

Call Centre Helper is the UK's most popular contact centre magazine with over 200,000 readers.  It is a free, weekly online magazine aimed at giving contact centre people advice on how to make their businesses work more effectively.

Their site allows readers to navigate swiftly to the area that interests them most. There are many regular features including articles that ask experienced people to answer real-life contact centre problems faced by their peers. They aim to be the main source of content on the Internet for specialist call centre areas.

You can find out more about the CCH here: https://www.callcentrehelper.com/